About Us

About Us

Jalin Realty International is a privately-owned, residential project marketing and sales company specializing in off-the-plan projects.

We provide a complete range of property services including property management as well as ongoing property investment support and advice. We also assist our clients to stay abreast with the latest market trends and future property investments.

At Jalin, we believe in creating lasting relationships with our clients and partners from all corners of the globe, upholding our corporate philosophy: “The World is Our Home”. We have been working with discerning property buyers for more than 30 years, enriching our client’s international property portfolio with sound investments in overseas markets.

Our Vision

This has been our vision since Jalin began more than 40 years ago, and it has guided our staff and our business practices ever since. As an international business, we see the value of being able to live, study, work, and travel across the world. By providing opportunities to make that happen, we believe our role is to help build a global community.

In Malay, the word ‘Jalin’ means ‘strengthening ties’, while in Mandarin it means ‘harmonious home’. Both meanings apply to our vision – helping people to make connections and create places to live and grow together. We do this by providing forward-thinking opportunities and long-term security.

Our Offices

Melbourne, Jakarta, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur

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