How To Get There

How to get there

Currently there are three airlines flying international sectors to Lombok; with Perth, Australia the latest (and closest) addition with rumours that Melbourne, Australia is to be added next. Five airlines service domestic flights from Bali, including the most popular Bali to Lombok route with five flights each way, per day. You can also catch the slow or fast boats to Lombok from Bali’s Benoa Harbour. Things are on the move so more flights are being added all the time.

What is Mandalika Lombok

Mandalika is the next world class, tourism destination in Indonesia created by the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC). This new destination will offer a unique experience, separating it from other noted locations around the world. Positioned in the southern part of Lombok Island with more than 16 km of sparkling white sandy beaches, the Mandalika has been designed as an ecotourism destination from the offset;, incorporating Clean Solar Cell Energy, Water Desalination Plants and keeping over 51% of the resort as open ‘Green Space’, which will not only maintain and protect the natural beauty of the Mandalika scenery but also enhance the life and culture of the local people.

ITDC is ready to develop the beautiful area of 1,175 ha in the Mandalika which has been designated as a Special Economic Zone, encompassing the highest quality standards for both properties as well as the landscaping.

GP Track

Indonesia will soon host a world-class motor racing event, for the first time after more than two decades, as the country has now secured a deal with Dorna Sports’ MotoGP for a slot in the 2021 season.

The construction of the 4.32-kilometer racetrack through beautiful scenery from mountains to pristine beaches is part of the effort to turn Mandalika into a world-class tourist destination..

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